Tips & Tricks of the Arts & Craft Show Trade!

Joining an arts and crafts show trade requires effort, hard work and a positive attitude. Let’s say it is your first time to join an arts and crafts show, common sense will tell you to do the basics – comply all the requirements, display your products, answer customers’ queries and sell as much as possible. But, what else? To guide you on your hobby and business, listed below are simple yet sales-magnet tips and tricks.

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Showcase Your Best Products
The sense of sight is the first to get the impression on everything. It is only later that you realize what you have used to believe as something great is actually nothing but ordinary. Thus, make sure that the goods you display are the best of your bests. They have to be aesthetically attractive to draw customers into your area. Once you have caught the eyes of several people, it will continue to overflow for humans are naturally curious. And, surely they will check out what your products can do and how durable they are. That is when, their other senses work – taste and smell (if you are selling foods); and, touch, smell and hearing to test functionality and quality (for non-consumable things).

Price Competitively
Well, aside from the product itself, knowing the selling price is the climax in deciding whether to proceed with the purchase or not. With our ever fluctuating economy, even the elite group of people is now conscious of their spending habits. That is why, taking into consideration your manufacturing costs will let you price your items reasonably with profit that won’t let you down. You can check the prices of your competitors but it is not necessary to follow their pricing scheme or mark lower than them. Doing so may lose your hold on your business’ mission and vision.

Create A Theme For Your Booth/Stall
Creatively handcrafted goods deserve an equally creative booth. Experiment with colors, lights and also sounds. You don’t have to be flashy to get attention. A neat and appealing stall whose colors and decorations are well coordinated and pleasant to the eyes will surely turn heads. If they find your booth alluring they will think and believe that your arts and crafts are just as lovely as your area. With regards to sounds, (if the show promoter will allow) you can play music to drag the crowd. Just remember that music is not a noise.

Smile And Be Friendly
Another factor that keeps customers coming back to you is the seller him/herself. A friendly and accommodating personnel invites clients; as a hot-tempered, bad-natured sales attendant repels customers. Therefore, a smile is an essential facial expression; while, a frown is a big no-no.

Initiate A Kaizen Bowl System
Kaizen is a Japanese term, which means continuous improvement. Industries have been applying this in their daily operation. You don’t have to be multi-billion company to follow this principle. You can provide pieces of paper for your customers to write on their comments, suggestions regarding your products, services, pricing, staff and your store as a whole; and, a fish bowl where they could drop their filled out sheet of paper. Let your customers voluntarily participate in your business’ growth, and you can inject a thrill by conducting a raffle draw as a front. Prizes of course are your arts and crafts goods!

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